It really was a great year!


We enjoyed another beautiful Farm To Table dinner series at The Avonmore Berry Farm. So great to partner with some of our fave farmers and artisans. Always a deliciously good time.



We had the privilege to feed families in comfort and joy; we celebrated two special couples on their wedding days, and several grieving families celebrating the lives of lost loved ones. 
We said a tearful farewell and best wishes to Heidi, and we welcomed Jake and Dani into the Quirky fold.

2018 marked FIVE years in business!! The continued support of our Quirky community continues to blow me away. This gift is not lost on me. I am genuinely grateful for this opportunity to love and serve in our town. 

We were honoured to cater the Child Haven International Glengarry chapter fundraiser dinner. If you haven't heard about Fred & Bonnie Cappuccino, and their dedicated work to helping women and children in various countries, I urge you to look them up. They are truly inspiring. 


A perennial highlight at the café is our annual Sandwich Challenge with the intermediate kids from GDHS. Spurred on by Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Day, I challenge the kids to create a sandwich that could be featured on our menu. This project is honestly so much fun! Working in partners, each pair records a video highlighting their signature sandwich. Choosing a winner has to be one of the hardest things I have to do all year!! The winning sammy gets featured on our daily menu, and the sandwich creators get to be guest Chefs for the day. Guaranteed to be a blast ;) 

It was a pretty big year for me personally, as I was baptized. Yup, you read that right... I was dunked by full immersion in Alexandria's own Mill Pond!! Feel free to ask me about it over coffee.. I love to talk about it :)


Fun fact, y’all love our beans.. 1,014 pounds of them to be exact!  That’s how many pounds of coffee beans we used from our pals at Happy Goat last year. All hail the mighty bean!


 It's fun to look back and to review all that we shared together! We kicked off this year with a full day of strategic planning. Such a sweet time for our team, to dream and cast vision together. I can’t wait to share the ideas that emerged from that day with you as the year unfolds.

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